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Discover our exclusive aRomeoTherapy collection, featuring natural paw balm for dogs. Transform your pet's photo into custom made pet portrait bandanas, badge brooches, and ornaments because they deserve it, and express your love in style.

Dear Fur Mums:
Treat Yourself with our Love Potion Lip Balm - A secret love brew with premium essential oils in an adorable teddy bear tube, creating a hydrating, nourishing, all-natural lip balm. A delightful pampering for every fur mum

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All our products are carefully handmade in Australia, ensuring the highest quality and care.

Giving Back:
With every purchase, we donate 5% to the RSPCA-VIC, helping animals in need. Enjoy the joy of making a difference through your thoughtful shopping.

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Wishing to be a stay-at-home Fur mum & spend every precious moment with your Fur-Baby, but find yourself having to go to work instead?

Imagine being able to carry your pet with you everywhere, and proudly display your love for them to the world. With our unique pet badges, you can do just that! Wear your pet badge to work and beyond, and you'll instantly become a conversation starter - fellow pet lovers and strangers alike will be drawn to you like a magnet, eager to hear all about you and your Fur-baby. Our Badge Pins are a true testament to your love for your pet, and wearing them will make you feel closer to them no matter where you are. So why wait? Get yours NOW!

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Quality Without Exception

Make a fashion statement with our custom-made dog bandanas. Each bandana is carefully crafted to your specifications, ensuring the perfect fit and style for your dog. The final product isn't just a bandana, it is an Art Piece to memorialise your Fur-baby.

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