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1) Brand and Ingredients:

1.1 What defines the Romeo Mama brand?
- Romeo Mama brand celebrates love, personalized connections, and cherished moments between pet parents and their fur babies. We aim to provide unique and personalized gifts for people to express their love to their pets, spoiling them with unique and natural products, including our paw balm and human lip balm. Our slogan is, "Spoil your pet and yourself."

1.2 Where are your products manufactured?
- All our products are proudly made in Australia.

1.3 Are your products crafted with natural ingredients?
- Yes, our paw balm and lip balm are 100% made from natural ingredients locally sourced in Australia.

2) Shelf Life and Storage:

2.1 What is the shelf life of your products?
- The best shelf life for our products is 12 months after opening.

2.2 How should I properly store your products?
- Store our products in a cool, dark place, avoiding heat and direct sunlight. Do not leave them in a hot car.

2.3 Do your products contain preservatives?
- No, all of our products do not contain preservatives.

2.4 Are your lip balm and paw balm products made-to-order or produced in bulk?
- Our lip balm and paw balm orders are meticulously crafted, tin by tin and tube by tube, ensuring accuracy and freshness. Each order is made-to-order to provide the highest quality and freshness for our customers.

Custom Made Pet Portrait Product

3.1 What is the expected time frame for custom made products?
- It takes at least 1-2 days to hand-paint a pet portrait ornament, 3-4 weeks for embroidered badge and bandana.

E-Gift Cards:

4.1 Can I purchase e-gift cards?
- Yes, e-gift cards are available.

4.2 Are there any limitations on the value of e-gift cards?
- E-gift cards are available in $20, $50, and $100 denominations.

4.3 Can I forward an e-gift card to a friend?
- Yes, after purchasing, the gift card code will be sent via email, and you can forward the email to your friends or family.

Animal Testing:

5.1 Did you perform animal testing on any of your products?
- No other animals were tested except the Boss: Romeo, the Little Chihuahua, for the development of our premium paw balm (Because it was first designed for him). There is no animal testing on our lip balm.

Shipping Information:

6.1 Which countries do you ship to?
- We currently ship to Australia, USA, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, and New Zealand.

6.2 How much is the shipping cost?
- Complimentary shipping is provided for all orders.