5 Extraordinary Gifts for Your DOG this X'mas

5 Extraordinary Gifts for Your DOG this X'mas

1. Chiengora; pronounced she-an-gora. Chien is the French word for dog. You probably have this "material" around the house all year long without realising it. Your dog’s hair is an awesome material.  As a fur mama to a long hair Chihuahua, I have been keeping those hair on his comb every time after brushing. I have started to keep his hair in a zip locked bag. ( P.S. I only keep the clean fur not those with mud/poop). Here is what I have created with his fur.  

My Dog's hair plush dollNo knitting skill required. If you don’t have enough dog hair you can use yarn/wool, loosen them and start with a bunch of needle to keep punching them on top of a sponge. Until the shape and the thickness you desired has formed. Here is the video of how I made it.  https://youtube.com/shorts/u1Dp9FhND4M


2. Advent Calendar; DIY your own Advent calendar filled with your dog’s favourite cookies or toys. You can buy any  X'mas boxes or plain recycled paper with 24 drawers, be creative add some photos, drawings, stickers, and colouring, or beautiful small boxes or anything with 24 compartment will do. Make sure your fur-baby is not missing out on the Advent Calendar joyfulness we have.


3. Custom-made one of a kind Bandana, sure your special fur baby deserves a First-Class Bandana. Upload a cute photo of your dog and get their faces embroider on the premium material bandana for the best look and comfort. Remember those popular silk pillowcase to look after our hair, it should be the same for our fur-baby who has more hair than hoomans. The 100% silk bandana is an ultimate luxury to spoil your fur baby. Let your fur baby enjoy the best in life. Own a custom made bandana at https://romeomama.com.au


4. Charity; Donate to charity on behalf of your dog. It is a great way to help with other dogs or any animals in need.  Such as RSPCA, Guide Dogs, Second Chance Animal Rescue, find out the nonprofit organization you choose to donate.


     5.   Dog camera. Separation anxiety is what I have, yes not my dog, it’s me. Having multiple dog cameras at home is giving me an opportunity to check on my Chihuahua Romeo when he is at home. Most of the camera have a built-in microphone so you can talk to your dog when you are not at home. P.S. it also served as a home security camera at our place. 


    Wishing all dogs and dog lovers have a Merry X'mas ^O^

    --Written by Romeo Mama on 03 Nov 2022

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