6 Ways to show your dogs you love them

6 Ways to show your dogs you love them

I am sure you love your dogs more than anything if you are reading this blog. 

But, do your dogs know you love them? Here are 6 ways to show your dogs you love them. 

A Dog wearing a custom-made personalised bandana made by romeomama.com.au 

  1. Whisper in your dog’s ear and say I LOVE U, it might sound silly, but ask your self why not? I always receive lots of kisses from my chihuahua Romeo.
  2. Walk them every day. No more excuses! TIME is like cleavage, if you squeeze enough everyone has some. It might seem to be a minor thing to walk your dog, but don’t you know the “Dog Walk” is the highlight of the day for your dog, they have been waiting for you the whole day.  
  3. Playtime is important too, for my chihuahua Romeo, his favourite game is hide-and-seek with hooman. What is your dog’s favourite game? 
  4. Tummy rub is essential, it is like a massage, who doesn’t like a relaxation massage after a “ruff” day
  5. Talk to your dogs, spend 8 minutes each day, sit down with your dog and start talking to your dog, you will be amazed the dear darling eye-contact is priceless. Also to increased levels of the feel good hormone Oxytocin in you and your dog. (If you have more than 1 dog, I would recommend an individual 8 minutes session for each dog, so they receive equal attention)
  6. Last but not least, have you given your dog a personalised bandana yet? Who doesn’t want a personalised gift? Everyone does including fur-baby.  Visit https://romeomama.com.au to show off your love to your dogs. 
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