Hidden Danger of Dog Tag

Hidden Danger of Dog Tag

Hidden Danger

Dog tag on a collar is no doubt the must have for all dog owners, it is not only for the fashionista pooch. Dog tag is important to contain the dog’s name and the owner’s phone number  in case our fur-baby lost their way home. However, I have come across a few distressing photos on some dog lover forum warning dog owner’s of the potential danger with dog tags were stuck in floor vent.

Some dogs really enjoy laying on top of the vent to keep themselves warm especially during winter. I usually take everything off from my Chihuahua Romeo to let him run free at home. I know sometimes I do want to put collar and tag on him even at home or at friends’ house due to party or house project going on. There is a chance people let the door open and often dogs can escape and lost.

As another option; a bandana with the the dog’s name + owner’s phone number at the back, basically all the contact details you need on the dog tag is on the custom-made bandana. How good is that? A good quality bandana soft and comfortable is definitely better alternative to a heavy metal dangling dog tag which has a chance to trap your dog in the floor vent.  Visit custom-made dog bandana store www.romeomama.com.au




-Romeo Mama  12nd October 2022

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