6 ways to spend Valentine's Day with your dog

6 ways to spend Valentine's Day with your dog

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, celebrate the day with your other half or with kids/ with a group of besties. We have created a 4 pages Valentine's Day game for you to download it for free. 

Printable Valentine's Day Games for free

 Don't forget to spend some time with your dogs too. 

1) Bake Homemade Dog cookies. Show them how much you love them by making their favourite treats. Do I have to say more? Of Course with organic ingredients, watch this video to see how we made the cookies: https://youtu.be/IudQkpQUFRs

2) Give your Dog new toys. Seriously who doesn't like a gift.  A cute plush toy,  sweater/jumper, bed, blanket, bandana or a badge pin. 

3) Take your dog out for a Puppuccinos. Don't left your dog sit outside when you grap your coffee. Search for Dog Cafes around you. 

4) Take your dog for a picnic or double date. Bring a picnic basket with sandwiches, fruits and dogs cookies (yes, those homemade treats you made) 

5) Take your dog to a park or an extra long walk. Your dog will be so happy to have longer time to sniff and exchange messages with other dogs. 

6) Give your dog a full massage. Put a few drops of lavender oil in your diffuser to let your dog relax. Put on some dog relaxation music with a gently massage from ears, forehead, tummy, arms and thighs. 

--Written by Romeo Mama 1 Feb 2023

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